August 16, 2023|Press Releases

NEUCHIPS Announces the Appointment of Ken Lau as Chief Executive Officer


San Jose, August 15th, 2023

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Ex-Intel Taiwan General Manager Joins Al Start-Up


NEUCHIPS, a prominent company specializing in AI ASIC, has appointed Ken Lau as its new Chief Executive Officer.  With extensive leadership experience in multiple business sectors including data center, PC client, and semiconductor, Ken brings a wealth of knowledge to his new role.  Previously, he served as the general manager of Intel Taiwan. 


Ken is a highly accomplished senior leader with strong industry experience from both the United States and Asia.   During his tenure at Intel, he played a vital role in developing the data center ecosystem across the US and Asia, driving significant design wins for the company.   Additionally, he led the Chromebook engineering product line, forging partnerships with OEMs and key cloud service provider, and establishing x-86 Chromebook as the leading cloud client system in the market today.


Dr. Youn-Long Lin, the founder and Chairman of NEUCHIPS, expressed his excitement of Ken Lau joining as Chief Executive Officer, stating, “We are thrilled to announce Ken Lau as our new CEO at NEUCHIPS.  Ken possesses exceptional leadership skills, strategic thinking acumen, and a proven track record of success.  I am certain that he will leverage our talents and foster strong collaborations with our partners to establish NEUCHIPS as the premier AI ASIC provider on the global stage.”


Ken added that, “Coupling cutting-edge technology with an exceptionally talented team, NEUCHIPS is poised to excel in the Al ASIC segment.  I am truly honored to fill this role as Chief Executive Officer.   With this exceptional team and our visionary partners, we will unlock the full potential of our talents and drive NEUCHIPS to become a premier AI ASIC provider globally.  With NEUCHIPS, we are well positioned to make a significant impact in the realm of AI and drive unprecedented growth for the company and stakeholders.”

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