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Precision Meets Efficiency

Achieve unparalleled accuracy with minimal perplexity while enjoying rapid inferencing speeds, while keeping power consumption in check, ensuring your business reaps high profits.

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Zero Resource Wastage

With ASICs, every bit of processing power is dedicated to your tasks, making your operations more efficient. ASICs are purpose-built for specific tasks, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your needs.

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Optimized for Maximum Returns

Maximize your returns with a product that combines low power consumption and high accuracy, offering an attractive ROI. Our ASIC technology is incredibly energy-efficient, slashing operational costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Reliable Supply Chain

Benefit from a robust and dependable supply chain, ensuring consistent access to the product, ensuring uninterrupted operations even during challenging market conditions.

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Cutting-Edge Specs

Stay at the forefront of technology with 7nm ASIC, PCIe Gen 5 and LPDDR5 support, ensuring your product is equipped with the latest and greatest features.

Product Features

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The Ultimate Memory Fix: Solve LLM memory bound challenge, all in one solution.

Llama N3000 AI Accelerator is the one and only solution you need to resolve memory-bound issues in LLM applications. It's designed to address this specific pain point comprehensively. Especially with Neuchips proprietary patented Flexible Floating Point 8 (FFP8), imagine achieving precision levels equivalent to 16-bit while using only 8-bit of data, effectively half memory bandwidth.

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CPU + ASIC Combo: The perfect blend of power and efficiency.

Combining CPU with our ASIC technology provides a more balanced and efficient solution compared to existing solution . Llama N3000 AI Accelerator is the one of the few that has using 7nm ASIC with LPDDR5 and PCIe Gen5 spec at max. 50W TDP.

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Concentration for Peak Performance: Tailored for your tasks, no excess computing.

Llama N3000 AI Accelerator is engineered for concentration, specifically tailored for domain-specific tasks. This ensures that your applications run at their best, without excess computing overhead. By using Llama N3000 AI Accelerator, you'll enjoy a lower TCO compared to investing in existing solutions. The energy efficiency and optimized performance translate to significant cost savings over time.

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Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Tech: 7nm ASIC, PCIe Gen 5 and LPDDR5 - leading the way.

Stay ahead of the competition with the latest hardware. Our product features cutting-edge technologies like 7nm ASIC, PCIe Gen 5 and LPDDR5, which are not readily available in the market.  


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