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Groundbreaking Perf-per-watt

The RecAccel™ PCIe achieve a remarkable 1.7x improvement in performance-per-watt. The solution delivers a lower overall TCO and allows you to optimize your data processes with incomparable efficiency.

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High Accuracy with Patented FFP8

Revolutionize the way you approach data with our cutting-edge FFP8 technology, delivering an outstanding 99.99% accuracy that pushes the boundaries of what's possible.


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Industry Sustainability Initiatives

Advance sustainability initiatives through partnerships between hyperscalers and CSPs, leveraging innovation to optimize energy efficiency.

Product Features

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State-of-the-art Hardware Solution for AI Recommendation System Acceleration

Boost the power of your AI recommendation systems with the RecAccel™ N3000 PCIe card. This dual-slot PCI Express Gen5 card delivers exceptional performance and reliability, making it perfect for the most demanding elastic data centers. Powered by the NEUCHIPS RecAccel™ N3000 series AI chip, this card offers powerful acceleration capabilities that take your AI recommendation systems to the next level. Experience the ultimate in speed, performance, and reliability- and unlock the full potential of accelerated AI for your business. 

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Driven by Deep Understanding of Cloud Recommendation

The revolutionized domain-specific architecture design for cloud recommendation is a result of deep insights into the intricate interplay between compute-bound, latency-bound, memory-bound, energy-bound, and accuracy-bound requirements. With supreme algorithmic optimizations, hardware acceleration, data caching, and power management, this design promises to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency, setting a new standard for cloud recommendation systems.

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Industry Leading Results for MLPerf™ DLRM Inference Benchmarking

The RecAccel™ N3000 has proven itself to be a leader in both performance and power efficiency in the industry. During MLPerf™ v3.0, it has shown that the RecAccel™ N3000 system delivers 1.7 times better performance per watt for inference DLRM while maintaining 99.9% accuracy with the help of its proprietary INT8 calibrator. 

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SW-HW Co-design Achieves Linear Multicard Scalability 

During system testing in MLPerf™ v3.0, the RecAccel™ N3000 delivered exceptional performance, with nearly 100% scaling observed across each card. This means that the card's performance increased linearly with the addition of more cards, allowing for seamless scalability and enhanced performance.

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