Features & Benefits


High Accuracy

High Accuracy

Patened FFP8 for World-Beating Accuracy.


Hardware and software architecture deliver best-of-breed scalability.

High Energy-Efficiency

Architecture-ensured low power and high performance accelerator for recommendation inferences.


High Accuracy AI Compute Engine

NEUCHIPS RecAccel™ N3000 includes sophisticated hardwired accelerators, patented query scheduling, and a comprehensive software stack – all optimized for high accuracy, hardware utilization, and energy efficiency. Proprietary 8-bit coefficient quantization, calibration and hardware support deliver >99.95% of FP32 accuracy.


Most Efficient Recommendation Inference Engine

RecAccel™ N3000 employs the TSMC 7nm process, specifically designed for accelerating deep learning models. It exceeds 20M inferences per second at 20 Watts for leading recommender AI models. 


RecAccelTM Software Development Kit – Simple, Automatic Tool Flow

The RecAccel™ SDK provides an automated path to run networks at high performance and accuracy with a streaming engine, configurable resource allocator, proprietary recommender operators, and calibrator.

The SDK toolkit also includes a Neuchips patented FFP Quantizer, bit-true simulator for offline simulation, a performance estimator, and a debugger for easy integration.

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